Filters and filtration systems

FORNATURE filters and filtration systems are designed for manufacturers of auto parts and industrial machinery. Our solutions are customized to perfectly meet the requirements of customers.
We build emulsion and oil central filtration systems for use in diverse environments, including exposure to high pressure or high temperatures. Our products are equipped with precise control and monitoring systems.

We have extensive experience in constructing industrial emulsion and oil central filtration systems. The use of industrial coolant filtration and recovery systems has become necessary due to the ever-increasing quality requirements, the need to reduce production costs, and rigorous environmental laws. Filtration systems help recover process fluids, which can be then re-used in the production process. Waste from the production process is recovered in a form such that the cost of its disposal is minimal. Filtration systems are used in the following processes:

  • milling
  • rolling
  • grinding
  • drilling
  • polishing

We have produced equipment and systems for reputable companies such as VW Polkowice, VW B-S, Skoda Auto Mlada Boleslav, Hungarian Audi Motor, DC Stuttgardt, DC Gagenau, etc.