Asphalt plants

FORNATURE supports asphalt producers by providing advanced state-of-the-art plant equipment. Our equipment allows precise dispensing, secure storage, and thorough mixing of ingredients as well as storage of the finished product. We produce steel foundations, which are used not only to upgrade existing facilities, but also to build new plants.



FORNATURE offers all major components of asphalt plants:

  • steel foundations for asphalt plants
  • aggregate batchers
  • meal silos
  • gas ducts
  • impactor-type collectors
  • smokestacks
  • asphalt piping
  • electrically- or oil-heated asphalt storage tanks
  • ready mix silos
  • meal and dust silos



With FORNATURE products, asphalt producers can control the quality of their products much more easily. They also gain modern factory equipment that complies with environmental standards. Such equipment becomes a trump card and increases the company’s competitive advantage in the industry.